Tasmanian IT – “Take 5”

Tasmanian IT Blog   •   April 11, 2019

Each week, we post a “Take 5” article to our website with tips, tricks, thoughts and actions we’ve come across during the week that we feel you may benefit from too.

It’s designed to be short and sharp that you can read when you need to “Take 5”.

Grab a drink, give yourself a (productive) break and check out our latest 5 below.

1. Feed the brain: Smart Dust!

This was only recently bought to our attention and is fast becoming one of our top five favs. The Smart Dust podcast offers expert insight on what’s trending in the world of technology, data and innovation.

Hosted by Nick Abrahams the Global Head of Technology & Innovation of Norton Rose Fulbright, Smart Dust provides brain-expanding ideas and perspectives that can be applied to daily and professional lives.  We think you might like it!

Link: https://www.nortonrosefulbright.com/en-au/knowledge/publications/1c2ebf24/smart-dust-podcast

2. Cost effective option for ICT Hardware management

Turn over of ICT Hardware is a constant and generally expensive process that businesses (of all size) deal with.  However, some friends of Tasmanian IT may be able to offer some cost effective options at both the purchasing and disposal ends of the ICT Hardware life cycle.

BMS-IT are a New Zealand based company who have migrated across the Tasman to provide services to Australia.  They provide services including IT Remarketing, Secure HDD Data Erasure, IT Decommissioning, IT Asset Valuation among other services.

This means companies can realise value in their current legacy ICT Hardware, rather than looking at this legacy hardware as a right off.  Further savings can be realised through reviewing the stock held by BMS-IT to see if they have what your business requires.

We’ve been onsite with this business and were impressed with their professional approach to service delivery.

*Disclaimer: Tasmanian IT has done work for this business, however we are not receiving any financial benefit from this post.

Link: http://www.bmsltd.com.au

3. Bridging the Wifi Gap

South Africa has one of the highest internet penetration rates on the continent but with data costs in South Africa amongst the highest on the continent, and almost impossible to access and where running water is a luxury how can poor rural communities be expected to get online and join the fourth industrial revolution?

The village of Mankosi has been at the forefront of an experiment to bridge the internet gap and make cheap Wi-Fi a reality. And it’s a project that could have major implications for similar communities around the world.

Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-africa-47723967/internet-access-in-africa-are-mesh-networks-the-future

4. Story telling in business

Throughout any business journey Tasmanian IT would encourage you to take every opportunity to use storytelling as a way to build trust, loyalty and grow your brand. In this article you can follow a 7 step process on how to tell a better story – often and effectively.

Link: http://dannorris.me/storytelling-in-business/

5. Quote of the week

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

— Walt Disney

Have a great week from the Tasmanian IT Team