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Among other things, Tasmania is known for its culture, community and quality.  These are three attributes we, at Tasmanian IT, strive to deliver on every engagement.

Tasmanian IT pride ourselves on leaving a legacy of empowerment within each of our clients. Just as we are not experts in our client’s industry, our clients are not necessarily experts in ICT projects and all they encompass. As such, we take time to transfer service delivery knowledge to our clients, providing advice and support to aide in upskilling internal resources and assisting in their development, where possible.

In a nutshell, Tasmanian IT is focused on reducing anxiety for medium, large and enterprise organisations experiencing business transformation. We do this through a carefully considered structured approach to solution delivery.

What does this mean?

An organisation has identified a need to change the way they do things; and with change usually comes a level of anxiety and stress. Our job is to support you through the process.

Organisations call on us when they:

  • Are interested in seeking new and innovative ways to utilise technology to support their staff;
  • Have recognised they require an upgrade or migration to a new solution to meet business objectives;
  • Wish to change the way they utilise technology to deliver improved services to clients;
  • Have identified some big ideas and need assistance creating a strategy matched to a program of work, resulting in a clear road-map to success;
  • Have embarked on a challenging project and need specific skills to deliver the required outcomes;
  • Need clarity. 

Tasmanian IT is not a business as usual ICT help-desk style support service, we are change agents assisting organisations through periods of business transformation.

Our Management



Managing Director

Meet Sam, Managing Director of Tasmanian IT.  With more than a decade of experience in the Tasmanian IT industry, Sam started Tasmanian IT in 2012 to provide independent support to organisations.

Drawing on qualifications including a Bachelor of Computing (UTAS) and Prince2 Practitioner certification, Sam has supported clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Working with entities of all sizes, Sam has witnessed the anxiety and stress that projects can cause to an organisation and its staff. This has led Sam to developing strong frameworks and strategies to navigate periods of change and uncertainty. It’s this experience that brings unique skillsets to Tasmanian IT, and our cultural approach to supporting clients.

Sam’s vision is for Tasmanian IT to be a collaborator in the Tasmanian IT industry, amalgamating exemplary services at the right time to assist organisations to reach their goals.

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