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Hi All,

I’ve had many discussions with friends and family around the current situation and how to continue working in this new world of social distancing.

My heart is breaking for everyone currently as people are facing shutting down businesses that they’ve worked their lives building, staff are being let go as work limitations impact their ability to provide services.

One thing I can assist with in this time of confusion is advice around how to transition your business or staff to work from home solutions.

I have zero affiliation with any of the services I’m suggesting, and zero interest in commercializing any of this advice.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions to be added to this list, please get in touch and we can all support each other.

This is the time to work as a village – not as competitors.

Below is a work in progress and we’ll post updates as time permits…  Just wanted to get something started to assist those currently in need.

Keep an eye on this page for updates.

If you’re looking for a business to help setup your team – please scroll to the bottom of this page, I’ll be adding local Tasmanian ICT Services there for you.




Work From Home ICT Resources

There is a lot of discussion about how to setup Video Conference solutions for remote workers. Below gives some options for consideration

Service Considerations Links
Zoom Great option if you need a new Video Conference setup and don’t have Microsoft Teams already
Microsoft Teams May be included in your Business Microsoft Office 365 subscription
Cisco Webex
Google Meet
Blue Jeans

One of the big issues with working remotely is the lost office discussions that happen naturally in open style workplaces.  Below are some options that allow unscheduled/informal office discussions to continue through out the day.

Service Considerations Links
Discord This is actually targeted at Gamers for chat, but is an excellent option to keep office audio chat running through out the day


How do you keep track of what tasks are flying around in your business among team mates – there are task management a collaboration services as those below.

Service Considerations Links
Trello General task management
Smartsheet Advanced task management
Pipedrive Designed around sales – tracking opportunities to sales outcomes

How do you maintain access to business files remotely?  Below are some services to support your needs.

Service Considerations Links
Microsoft OneDrive
Google Drive

How do you maintain day to day workplace co-ordination?  There are services for that too!  Staff can create chat threads, collaborate on documents and other actions to keep the team on the same page

Service Considerations Links
Microsoft Teams May be included in your Business Microsoft Office 365 subscription.  Chat, collaborate on docs, video conference etc
Facebook Workplace Literally a build of facebook for your company – with groups, messages, files etc

Note: This is a paid service per user
Facebook Secret Pages If all your employees are on facebook, it may be worth creating a small secret facebook page, rather than paying for Facebook Workplace
Microsoft Whiteboard Interactive online whiteboard that teams can all access and collaborate on in realtime
Microsoft OneNote


How do you gain remote access to your works ICT network, or to a specific PC?  Review the below services to support your needs

Service Considerations Links
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Enterprise remote access (VPN) service
TeamViewer Remotely access another computer easily and quickly
Zoom Support staff using screen sharing
Teams Support staff using screen sharing
RealVNC Great remote access for multiple computers – requires some knowledge to setup.


Setting up your home office is vitally important, not only for technical workflow, but for your physical health.

My biggest piece of advice – don’t work from the couch or bed – setup a proper home office at a desk if you value your back…

Component Considerations Comments
  • Properly set up at a desk
  • Don’t work on your couch or bed (you’ll kill your back)
Total Workfit Solutions has a brilliant guide to setting up your workspace at home:
Internet Speed
  • You may need to consider temporarily increasing your home NBN plan (Speed and download limit)
  • Be careful of data limits if you are hotspoting from your phone.  Some companies supporting customers by setting limits on excess data charges – check with your service provider
Dock Worth considering if you are using a laptop.  Connect a single USB port to the dock, then connect the dock to your monitor, mouse, keyboard, external drive etc.  Super convenient..

  • size and resolution (anything above 24” I recommend going higher resolution than FullHD – I suggest 2K or 4K)
Mouse Don’t rely on a track pad to do a full days work – unless you like hand cramps.  Even a basic cabled mouse will help
Keyboard Especially if you’re on a small sized laptop – it is worth considering buying a full size keyboard to attach for a full days comfortable typing.
Headset for Video Conferencing You’ll learn pretty quickly that attempting to do teleconferences or video conferences using just the laptop mic and speakers ends up in crackly or horrid sound…  Look at getting a comfortable headset with boom mic to get the most out of your communications. I use this one – great value for money:

Working from home setups is not our primary service at Tasmanian IT, but we are keen to help you find who does!

I will be collating a list of businesses below that can assist you and your business in setting up work @ home for staff

Consulting, Setup & Advice for remote support

Network and Internet Services

If you have a business that can assist others setup Work @ Home solutions, please contact me and I’ll add you to the list.