The Dogs Body

Tasmanian IT News   •   June 2, 2018

A Tasmanian Government agency approached Tasmanian IT with the following statement,

“What we really need is a ‘Dogs body’— someone who we can point in a direction to solve an issue, then be given the next task.”

With a large (multi-million dollar) project mid-delivery and many complicated moving parts, the client required a resource with senior project delivery skills to support the Project Manager with leading various project teams.

Tasmanian IT provided a Senior Project Specialist who initially focused on overseeing the structured approach to deploying the many (40+) integration end-points over various environments for the solution.

Throughout the lifecycle of the project, the Tasmanian IT resource was delegated additional responsibilities including Release Management and Technical Manager of the solution delivery.

The solution was successfully technically deployed, and the client’s organisation commenced live operations in a frontline 24/7 emergency services setting.