Reaching the Next Level

Tasmanian IT News   •   June 2, 2018

While overseas, the Tasmanian IT Managing Director got talking with a business owner, who had recently developed a start-up company, which had fast achieved a high seven figure revenue.

The business owner was clever and tenacious and his hard work was evident in the results he had achieved in such a short period; however, as with any significant growth period, it wasn’t without growing pains.

While the company had found great success, the business owner himself was heavily involved in every aspect of the business, resulting in long work days over break-less weeks.  This arrangement was limiting further growth of the company and impacting the owner’s ability to enjoy the fruits of his efforts.

The business owner already understood conceptually what they needed to do to reach the next level for their business, however wanted a strategic sounding board to challenge, validate and structure the concepts to form a path forward.

Tasmanian IT Managing Director, Sam flew to the organisation’s headquarters to embed himself in the business’ environment, taking time to understand the owner’s operational and personal goals.  

At the end of a week filled with long days, great discussion (or debate!) and the development of an enduring friendship, a summary of advice and actions was provided to the business owner for consideration.

By the time Sam had landed back in Australia, some of the advice had already been actioned.  Since the visit, the business owner—on Tasmanian IT’s recommendation—has identified and hired strategic roles, releasing himself to spend more time focusing on business strategy and growth, rather than everyday operations.  Furthermore, the implementation of Tasmanian IT’s recommendations have allowed the business owner a greater work/life balance—as well as twice yearly sojourns back to the sunny beaches of Fiji.