National Solutions, Locally Delivered

Tasmanian IT News   •   June 2, 2018

An ASX listed company had successfully negotiated a contract for deployment of their product to a government entity in northern Tasmania.  With a product to be deployed, and a vendor located interstate, Tasmanian IT was engaged to provide project management services to oversee the structured initiation of the project.

Tasmanian IT provided a Project Manager onsite, who developed the core project management documentation, while initiating project governance and stakeholder groups.  

The base product was deployed, and configuration activities were initiated to localise the product to meet the client’s business requirements.

Once the project was up and running with a clear plan in place, Tasmanian IT was able to hand over the delivery of the project to the local government entity to progress the delivery of the solution with strong project management foundations.

This approach saw the strength of a national entity’s product delivered with local specialist project advisory, while efficiently utilising Tasmanian Government finances and transferring knowledge to the local government entity.